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Landscape Health and Condition Evaluation ™

This is a trademark service, based on our evaluation methods and documentation formats that are a leader in the industry. Earth Advisors’ consultants evaluate the current condition of your landscape using Earth Advisors Health and Condition Evaluation standards and worksheets. We include all plants and plant beds (trees, palms, hedges, shrubs, ornamentals, annuals, groundcovers, lawn areas), or a subset based on the scope of a project.

The recommendations we provide will:

  • Help you improve the health and sustainability of your landscape plants.
  • Provide recommendations for more sustainable, cost effective plant choices.
  • Help you control annual maintenance and capital costs.
  • Provide you a basis to ensure that 100% of contracted work is completed.
  • Recommend current Best Management Practices for you landscape.
  • We review the results of the evaluation with our clients to discuss the recommendations and assist with next step decisions based on the Summary Report.


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Evaluation of community park landscape in total



Evaluation of trees for Community Association


Evaluation of tree trunk damage


Evaluation of damaged palms


Evaluation of wetlands

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