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Environmental Consulting Including Wetlands, Uplands and Coastal Areas.

Earth Advisors can help you plan for a sustainable future. We offer a variety of Environmental Consulting services for your property. We use near survey accurate GPS equipment in the field for locations and delineation edges. We provide maps and drawings in full color to improve the review and permitting process.

General Service Categories:

  • Environmental Due Dilligence Reviews
  • Environmental Assessments for Land Use Planning Issues
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Wildlife and Vegetation Surveys
  • Wetlands Delineations
  • Habitat Evaluations
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Environmental Permitting and Negotiations
  • Protected Species Preservation Planning
  • Environmental Restoration Planning
  • Project Management and Annual Monitoring Services
  • Environmental Violations Settlement Assistance and Cost Control


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Environmental Consultation for habitat quality issues.


Wildlife Survey for community association.


Habitat restoration project for coastal mangrove fringe.


Environmental Restoration and Exotic Plant Control for wetland plant community.


Consultation with Homeowners Association for
landscape storm damage restoration after Hurricane Andrew.


Storm Damage Restoration Project Management and Quality Assurance.


Forest and Wildlife Management Planning and Project Management.


Natural areas restoration planning and project management.


Protected species survey and relocation project management.


Environmental protection and site clearing supervision for development project.

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