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Bid Packages with Performance Based Specifications for Landscape Installations, Grounds Maintenance or Arboricultural Projects

Earth Advisors can write performance based contracts for green industry professions. These contracts include the terms, conditions, work items, and qualifications for the project. The use of more specific, performance based standards improves the outcome of a project and allows for judgement of work quality. Example contracts to consider include landscape installation, grounds (or landscape) maintenance, and arboricultural maintenance. The specifications will categorize each work item with details and descriptions for each (i.e. structural pruning, clearance pruning, palm pruning, crown thinning, etc.).  Each contract ends with a bid form so these are ready to send out as bid requests, RFPs, RFBs, or RLIs to interested contractors.


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Arboricultural Work Contract_______________Landscape Installation Contract

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