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Arboricultural Health and Condition Evaluation

This is a trademark service, based on our evaluation methods and documentation formats that are a leader in the industry. Earth Advisors’ consultants can evaluate the current condition of your trees and palms (in appropriate climates.)  We review each site and do the arboricultural evaluation of the trees using Earth Advisors Health and Condition Evaluation standards and worksheets.  The recommendations we provide will continue to help you to control costs, assure that the contracted work is 100% performed, and assure that you only pay for necessary work for best management practices in your project.  We conclude each project with a client review meeting to discuss the evaluation and assist with next step decisions based on the report.


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Evaluation of street trees for Maintenance Association



Tree stress in median strip of shopping plaza



Trunk base damage from improper installation practices



Improper hat-racking that destroyed tree



Evaluation of common area trees for Neighborhood Association


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